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Re: HTML and other stuff


In a message dated 05/27/05 12:47:33, Nemoguitt@aol.com writes:

could some aol user please tell me how to fix this.....PLEASE.....thanks.....mic

Go to: http://www.amsat.org/amsat/listserv/aol.html

The gist of which is to say which version of AOL you are using. But here's the info:


How to Use AOL to send Plain Text only
(for the AMSAT mailing lists)

To use the AMSAT mailing lists and majordomo subscription system successfully, your mail program must be set up to send plain text only. Many users of AOL 6.0, 7.0, and 8.0 have had difficulty with this. Reportedly, AOL 9.0 once again makes it easy to send a specific message in plain text mode. Just right-click in the message field and select Compose as Plain Text. If you don't want to upgrade to version 9.0, here are some tips on how to get AOL to do the right thing.

Note that these tips are based on one particular version of AOL. Details may vary from version to version. These are reasonable settings to use all the time for most people, but you may prefer others. Feel free to use other settings for your other email, but please use the settings suggested here when you send mail to the AMSAT.ORG system.

The Trick for AOL 6.0
     1.       Make sure your font is set to Arial10, the AOL default.
     2.       Create a message using only default Arial10 type. Any quoted text pasted in from another message must also be in Arial10 type (no bold, other sizes or colors). Note: if you paste a message that was received in HTML format, it will probably cause you to send in HTML.
     3.       Hit Control-A to highlight the entire message.
     4.       Right click anywhere in the message itself: A 'popup menu' will appear. Move the cursor to "text" and another menu will appear. Move the cursor to "normal" and click on it.
     5.       Send the message.

Configure for Plain Text on AOL 7.0
     1.       On the tool bar click on SETTINGS.
     2.       A menu pops up and you click on PREFERENCES.
     3.       Another window opens up with 3 columns on it.
     4.       Under the one headed COMMUNICATIONS click on FONT, TEXT & GRAPHICS.
     5.       This window opens and you go to the bottom of it and click on RESET then click on SAVE.
     6.       Do not change anything else in this window.
     7.       Then close your windows and you are done. From now on all mail you send will be in plain ASCII.

No Hope for AOL 8.0

Reportedly AOL 8.0 can't be configured to send plain text. Sorry.

An Alternative . . .

AOL users can send plain text by using the  AOL Mail on the Web facility.

(log on to AOL's online website and send your mail from there).


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