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Re: TC Electronics Fireworx

I use a Fireworx to process the loops.
The changing preset time is a little long but I have set a wet/dry fader 
on my switchblade to prevent the dropout.
I think its filters are some of the most musical ones and I prefer them 
over the Orville's ones.
I have never used it as a sequencer (I process loops live).
If you can buy it cheap I would reccomend it as a post-processing tool ( 
very good compressor also).

Per Boysen wrote:

> On May 27, 2005, at 12:53, Sunao Inami wrote:
>> Hi Per,
>> I am using Fireworx i, but I use only it for multi effector for mix  
>> or sound design...
>> what is built  in sequencer? (or my OS is very old?)
> I don't know, I just read about the "simple built in sequencer" in  
> some online review. But fact is I managed to grab a Fireworx at  
> extremely cut down price at a music store sell out. So far I think  
> the vocoder is the most usable feature for live use. And the chord  
> harmonizer if playing monophonic instruments through the box. I'll  
> check it out more to see what the reviewer meant by "built in  
> sequencer".
> BTW, Sunao, many thanks for the disc I bought! I'm enjoying "an  
> impulse of acoustic" very much!
> Greetings from Sweden
> Per Boysen
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