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re: fill my rack new gear

(thinking out-loud)...What could be unique, would be a
box that creates blends and morphs of OTHER effects,
regardless of brand.
 Of course the Vortex does this, but only within
The problem is that you'ld be blending only the
Outputs of other effects.....and that would just be a
You'ld need to have access to the thousands of
internal crosspoints and algorithms, as the Vortex
does....but for every effect box.
 A simplistic approach could be a multi XY joystick
approach....the Federation BPM pro has one that blends
it's 4 effects.
 Even in the software world, I don't think there is
such a program, although Prosoniq Morph VST seems
close (but I think that it still uses it's own
internal engine, and doesn't tap into other apps'
 Maybe a Midi morpher?...that taps into the midi
parameters of SEVERAL effects simultaneously, to
create new sounds?? Is there such a box?....in a
footpedal perhaps??


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