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enlarge your rack.....is this plain text yet

sorry.....is this still html?.....interesting thread: interfaces, 
puters,instantanious change, we have reached the end of daze for sound 
manipulation, no we haven't this is just the begining, it's going to be 
all soft-ware, no! hardware has come to a stand still.....i've no idea, 
i'm just thankful.....i love the expression "well in 20 more years" 
suchandsuch will happen.....if it ain't plugging *myself* into a box i 
will be very upset.....:).....i find i often lose faith in my loop and 
feel that i must continue banging more sounds into it, almost as if, if 
your loop repeats the same way more than once you have failed.....perhaps 
madness lies in that direction.....i think back 20 years ago and i never 
in my wildest imaginings whould have thought that i could "manipulate" 
sound the way i can today, i still feel like a kid in a candy store every 
time i hit that big ON button.....mic
p.s. let me know if i'm there yet.....thanks for all the help and donations