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RE: Acoustic questions and "Hello!"

There's always the Boomerang (which I still think is the foot 
friendliest looper
on the market though it has drawbacks as they all do).  $199 on Ebay.

I'll mention this as well, you can supe up a radioshack lapel mic or 
even build
your own condenser for under $50 with unreal results.  There are links on 
web for that if you do acouple of searches.




Quoting Brian <Brian@porterresearch.com>:

> Good information.....I know my friend got a Headrush for $160 (with 
> tax) a little while ago, and I was thinking the DD-20 was more like 
> $225, but the DD-20 is definitely a step up, in features, and if he 
> can find one that fits the budget, I second the choice.  The tools of 
> the trade page is an invaluable resource, but beware, I had to invest 
> in an Echoplex because of that page.   :)