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Re: Acoustic questions and "Hello!"

If the Boomerang is being considered, I'll chime in and advise that
Mathew focus on the upgraded Boomerang+.  The original Boomerang,
while very useful and lots of fun, will murder the sound of an
acoustic guitar.  It's relatively low sample rate kills the chimey
high frequencies integral to the acoustic sound.  The newer Boomerang+
includes many new must have features, but most importantly for this
application it uses a higher sample rate.

In any case, the best bet is to find a local shop where you can sample
the gear before you buy.

Hope this helps,

On 7/8/05, mike@michaelplishka.com <mike@michaelplishka.com> wrote:
> There's always the Boomerang (which I still think is the foot
> friendliest looper
> on the market though it has drawbacks as they all do).  $199 on Ebay.