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RE: Delurk, intro and a couple of questions.

Per, have you tried the Ernie Ball volume pedal? I use it primarily 
because, number one is is built like a tank, and two it has a very wide 
sweep control with the foot, unlike the feel on, let's say, a Roland EV5 
expression pedal. That's how I get my volume swells, keyboard/organ 
emulations, etc. I like the control and spartan design of the pedal.


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On Jul 24, 2005, at 0:54, Luca Formentini wrote:
> Per Boysen wrote:
>> I  prefer to fade in notes with the guitars volume know and this is  
>> impossible with all software amps.
> ?
> sorry Per, what do you mean with this ?
> luca

Oh, sorry. I should have explained that better. I meant that the fade in 
volume envelop becomes extremely steep. When playing on a regular amp (or 
some Pod settings)  I can hear my guitar tone even on guitar volume knob 
level 2 to 3. Then it fades in equally up to the highest guitar output at 
10. With all software amp simulators I have tested I can hear almost 
nothing from my guitar pickups between guitar volume knob setting 1 to 9. 
Then somewhere between 9 and 10 the full shred kicks in.

My way of dealing with this problem is to learn to use a volume foot pedal 
instead. But this gives a different sound no matter how I try to make it 
sound like I'm "knob swelling" the note attacks.

Since I started to play with the TC electronics FireworX (without using 
any pre-amp for my low output single coil guitar pick-ups) I found that 
the same fading in problem applies to this unit as well.  
So I seem to have reached my undeniable Volume Foot Pedal Karma this year. 
A very experienced Swedish guitarist friend, Göran Flood (I think he may 
be on this list from time to time) explained to me that, regarding the 
FireworX, this may be an input gain issue. He recommended to buy a device 
called "xotic rc booster" to get up the strat output level. I don't know, 
but in a way this makes sense because I have really been working hard on 
my FireworX patches to bring the level up. My patches are double the 
volume compared to the pre-sets it ships with. The manufacturer probably 
expects people to use a Pod or similar for input. Anyway, with a booster I 
may be able to get back at my knob swelling ;-)  I don't think I will get 
a booster, though, because this input gain setting makes it possible to 
have my strat and alto traverse flute mic connected simultaneously 
connected to the two inputs. Now I will only have to learn how to  
play them at the same time ;-))   Any hints?

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
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