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RE: Echoplex-style functionality on a Pc?

One of these days, you can add me to the list of folk who use Mobius
live, Jeff...I'm working on it.  As a standalone program, I think Mobius
is the greatest thing since sliced bread in terms of emulating the EDP,
and it even has some unique features of its own.  You are correct about
the VST issues, as this has been the primary barrier to me using it
live. I've tried three VST hosts and I ended up not trying too force a
solution on the situation.  Running Mobius in a VST host with a lot of
other VST effects introduces a complicated systematic situation, where
it is difficult to point fingers at any factor per se as the source of
issues.  I used to develop and run contention tests for HP LaserJet
printers many years ago, where we tested printers with their own
software (embedded and application) and Microsoft applications...I
basically generated a test matrix of hundreds feature/functionality
permutations....such as printing a test page and starting a FAX at the
same time, or printing a large print job, canceling it, and  jamming the
printer at the same time, and so on. Basically, you discover bugs that
are a contention between two features from two separate products...and
in many cases, you don't have the luxury of changing the OS or
application from MS, but having to patch up the contention bug on your
own product. My guess is that the situation is similar with Mobius, VST
hosts, and VST effects.  You probably won't have much luck getting
Antares to change their product, so you you'll have to find a fix with
Mobius, for instance.  Moreover, I'm sure it is challenging for software
developers to create software that has not contention issues with
mutiple other products and systems out there. 

I use EnergyXT as my VST host, and Mobius runs in it fine most of the
time, but as you say it is a contention issue between it and the other
VST effects running. My laptop simply can't handle running chorus and
delay VST plugins, a monster VST effect like Antares Filter or PSP84,
and then Mobius on top of that. It puts too much strain on the CPU, and
I'm using a 2.4Ghz Pentium 4 processor.  Perhaps if I had one of the new
laptop with one of the new Intel Centrino chipsets, I might be able to
handle it, but not my current 3 year old laptop.  So, my long term plan
is to buy a second laptop and run just Mobius on that.  And this is not
uncommon for software loopers, right? For example, Sunao uses two
computers on stage, one for sound generation and another for
looping....someone correct me if I'm wrong. It just seems like if you
are planning to do any serious computer based tone generation, that your
looping software is best running on a separate system from a stability


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 > Has anyone on this list using Mobius for live performance?

I'm aware of two brave people that use Mobius live occasionally, they
can tell their own stories if they wish.

But in all honesty, I see Mobius as more of a studio wanking tool than a
live performance tool at this moment.  The beta testers have been very
helpful and supportive but like all complicated immature software it has
bugs.  It is picky about VST hosts, and depending on how you loop it can
be a CPU hog and won't play well with other CPU intensive plugins.

If you stick to the basic functions it is reasonably stable.  Just don't
try anything live without first practicing it in the studio and have a
backup strategy ready if you need to reboot.

 > What kind of foot rank could be used with?

Almost everyone uses the FCB1010.