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Re: Ableton Live midi clock slave of Augustus Loop

>>  I'm setting Live to slave to MIDI clock and when I start looping  
>> in the plug-in it sends out the correct tempo (just like an EDP)  
>> and Live starts to follow the tempo of my first recorded loop.

>> On Jul 28, 2005, at 7:40, Griff Peters wrote:
> How do you get AL to capture and loop only a certain portion of  
> incoming audio? I can't seem to get AL to stop constantly capturing  
> and looping every sound it receives.
> I'd like to be able to play something on my guitar and whenever i  
> feel like it...hit a pedal to start capturing audio and setting the  
> loop start position. Releasing this pedal (or hitting it again)  
> would stop capturing audio and set loop end point AND send this  
> data to Live as midi clock tempo.

Augustus is recording, as "in overdub mode", all the time if not the  
Freeze Loop function is active. You "close" the input to Augustus  
Loop by clicking Freeze Loop. So you should map a pedal to that button.

A second usable AL button is "Tap Rec". This empties the loop, sets  
the pitch transpose back to normal, and starts recording right on. If  
the "send MIDI out" is active Augustus will define a new tempo as  
soon as you close the loop. When you close a loop, by the "Tap Rec",  
Augustus is left in overdubbing mode - i.e. Freeze Loop is not selected.

You are talking about "setting the loop point". I understand this as  
defining the length of the loop being captured in Augustus Loop. This  
is not possible to do just like that, on-the-fly. You have do do it  
by choosing a certain combination of "Beat" and "Beat Divisor". You  
can map foot pedals that as well. But unfortunately you will get a  
loud noise (tape inertia simulation) when making such changes when  
there is audio in the loop.

> I'm interested in doing this chiefly in order to avoid starting my  
> Ableton loops with the Live metronome.

There are other ways of starting Live as the master without using the  
metronome. Simply use any effect that can give you a hint of the  
tempo! One obvious example is Live's autofilter. You can keep it set  
to 16th notes on a send track and whenever you are playing in a wishy- 
washy ambient part of your performance you can always send a little  
audio to that effect track and hear the tempo to get back into.

Another way to start Live in a tempo, when run as sync master, is to  
map a foot pedal to Live's "Tap Tempo" function. Tap that button four  
times and on the fifth tap move your foot to Augusuts Live "Tap Rec"  
button. Then Live will start at the same time as you start recording  
a loop into AL and they will sync (Live as master, AL as slave).

> Things are definitely looking more promising for laptop looping.

When thinking about Brother Sync in the EDP I sometimes get the  
feeling that laptop looping will never catch up ;-)

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.looproom.com (international)
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
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