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Ableton Live midi clock slave of Augustus Loop

>  I'm setting Live to slave to MIDI clock and when I start looping in 
> the plug-in it sends out the correct tempo (just like an EDP) and Live 
> starts to follow the tempo of my first recorded loop.

This is an interesting scenario for me. I'm toying with Live 4 learning 
its tempo from my AL loop.

How do you get AL to capture and loop only a certain portion of 
incoming audio? I can't seem to get AL to stop constantly capturing and 
looping every sound it receives.

I'd like to be able to play something on my guitar and whenever i feel 
like it...hit a pedal to start capturing audio and setting the loop 
start position. Releasing this pedal (or hitting it again) would stop 
capturing audio and set loop end point AND send this data to Live as 
midi clock tempo.

I'm interested in doing this chiefly in order to avoid starting my 
Ableton loops with the Live metronome.

Things are definitely looking more promising for laptop looping.