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Re: Using a laptop onstage: Dominic Frasca's take is misguided

There's far less discounting on new Apple hardware.  The same source
for the EDP price of $799 (Sweetwater) has the same PowerBook prices
as the Apple Store.  I did a quick poke around just now, and there are
a few places that seem to be offering the same model for around $2K,
so we can use that figure.  Still, in a year it'll be worth a grand,
whereas the EDP appears to be depreciating at a much slower rate.


On 1/5/06, mech <mech@m3ch.net> wrote:
> At 3:27 PM -0800 1/5/06, Travis Hartnett wrote:
> >Sure, but my point in using the Apple Store price is that it's more
> >standardized and readily available.  For the current model, the 17"
> >PowerBook, the Apple price is $2499, and the current model EDP (for
> >instance) is $799.  I'm sure one can find an older beige EDP with an
> >earlier version of the software for less, but the two prices quoted
> >above are reliably available to everyone.
> Yeah, I can see where you're coming from.  Although I think the
> analogy would be more accurate if you took the Apple price as what
> would normally be considered "list" (thus your EDP price in the
> example would actually be $1300).
> My only counterpoint would probably be: who the heck pays list price
> anymore?  ;)