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Re: Electrix Website Down: a bad omen?

On Jan 8, 2006, at 4:35 PM, burnett@pobox.com wrote:
> .../ I thought your claim is light on facts or details.

my looping compadre and fellow enthusiast of the loop-ed sound,

you are correct.

i am light on facts and details.

i lied about it being a joke. this man (whose name hasn't been broached 
to me) did not quit out of hatred of us but fear of being able to 
complete the task.

however, i am so frustrated at being teased in this way i will continue 
to make light of the situation until i own a second PCM-80 or perhaps 
Bob Amstadt (ellis island error? Arnstast was a town which JS Bach was 
teaching latin and writing 6 hrs of music for mass on sundays. an 
omen?) completes his publisiced task of producing a looping unit which 
i can mate with.

until then i will extemporanise my rumour-filled knowledge of the inner 
workings of Electrix 2: Electrix Boogaloo until such time as this 
charlatan has revealed himself to us to be the actual and genuine 
article or time demonstrates that my dubious source is indeed correct.

right now the Electrix mkII site is corroborating my unscrupulous 
Eric Williamson