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Re: Re: 639 Year Long Concert - Cage Composition - "ASLSP"

At 03:39 09/01/06, you wrote:
> > Are you saying that I don't get it? I play experimental music too 
> and have a
> > very open mind (heck, check out my Project MRI in the CT Collective). 
> > can get yet, yet still call bullshit on the significance or novelty of 
> > work. That's my subjective right as an artist and free thinker.
>You can have an open mind and still not get it!

...but the implication is always that there's something to get ;-)

>Point is -- I'll bet it sounds good.  I like sustained organ tones.

how long are you going to sit there for?

>And I'll bet it makes you think.

An interesting Cage fact:-
4'33 is not a silent piece of music.
The score plainly states that the performer should open doors and
windows at the venue in order to maximize the amount of background sound.
Absence of sound was not the intention, just absence of intentional sound.

...and even Cage would refer to it as "my silent piece", perhaps 
after the critics
had informed him .

So who "didn't get it" ?

andy butler