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Re: On the progress of compiling a laptop-based (looping) setup

On 12 jan 2006, at 17.48, Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill wrote:
> (Warning: below is a lengthy description 8< 8< 8< 8< 8< .....
Thanks for posting that massive thing. Interesting reading. I've read  
through it on the run, saving it for future detailed reading.

On 12 jan 2006, at 18.35, phaslem@wightman.ca wrote:
> thanks for the detailed account, I'm also considering moving to a  
> more laptop
> oriented setup over the next year and am very interested in hearing  
> the details
> of how others that have gone this route do their setup.

I'm going for simplicity and playability to make the most of a live  
impro situation. Too many options tends to limit my musical  
imagination. So I only bring a Centrino lappy, Fireworx box, physical  
instruments, small MIDI mixer and my FCB1010. That's it. My rig looks  
like this:
and sounds like this:

No VST plug-ins. Only the mic input through the fireworX going  
straight into Möbius standalone version. Audio interface may be a RME  
Multiface or an Echo Indigo i/o. A cheap USB MIDI interface (two  
cables: IN and OUT). On sunday I'll do my second gig with this  
minimal set-up and I'll bring a flute and a tenor sax with the gear  
mentioned above. If I want to get dirty with gear lugging I may bring  
a guitar as well, but I'm rapidly becoming too lazy for playing that  
thing ;-)

On 12 jan 2006, at 18.39, monk wrote:
>  but how does one get around the latency?

---> Input latency affecting direct signal
Do not play THROUGH software. Clone your instrument signal at the  
audio interface input and send one signal directly to the PA (no  
latency) while the other clone goes into the software for looping and  
processing. Only use "wet" signal in the software.

---> Internal software latency (AD/DA conversion, digital processing)
Use software that compensates for this.