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Re: latency questions

At 5:19 PM -0500 1/12/06, monk wrote:
>On Jan 12, 2006, at 5:12 PM, mech wrote:
>>I'm using Ableton Live 5.x with an Edirol FA-101 firewire 
>>interface, and running at about 4-5ms latency.
>fascinating. how did you check the latency? i must say that it's 
>hard for me to believe that you're getting that low latency with 

That's according to the latency calculations within Ableton's 
preferences (as you set the number of bytes in the buffer, it 
automatically calculates the latency at your selected sample rate). 
So, I am making the assumption that Ableton is not lying to me. 
Regardless, it doesn't seem enough to be audibly discernable outside 
a "lab" environment.

>do you use the FA-101 with a direct out kind of thing for your main 
>signal? i guess i'm asking: does ALL of your signal go to the 
>computer before you hear it, or is some of it routed back to 
>whatever you're using to amplify/record your music?

As you've accurately deduced, I am *not* mixing my direct signal with 
the processed signal (other than as an experiment to test latency). 
Everything goes into the computer, floats around getting wacky, then 
eventually gets output to the PA.  If I ran it in parallel to a 
direct signal it would limit me a lot more as it would audibly call 
attention to what latency there is.

This is especially so in regard to effect routing to external 
processors.  Every time I run an effect loop to a hardware device, 
the latency accretes with every D/A/D conversion (hence, I primarily 
use delay-based effects on the hardware side; you're not going to 
notice a few extra ms of delay there).

Thus, the overall latency is low enough that I can compensate for it 
through my playing, as long as the direct output is not there to 
distract/confuse me.  That's merely my personal preference, however, 
and YMMV.


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