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Re: Cool interface stuff from Yamaha...

At 11:51 AM -0800 1/17/06, mark sottilaro wrote:
>  http://tinyurl.com/a5xx4 I want this so bad! Not yet
>for sale the absolute bastards!
>  http://www.yamaha.co.jp/design/tenori-on/

Yeah, I've been drooling over this one for a while now.  Everybody 
else is going crazy over the Jazzmutant Lemur, but I want a 
Tenori-On!  :)

 From a few months ago, there's an article with links over at 
, as well as a pointer to another Quicktime of the Tenori-On in 
action at http://envol.info/iwai.mov .

My only concern is that they keep talking about its internal 
sound-generation engine.  I'm afraid that they may finally bring it 
out as an exclusively self-contained system.  I'm sure that would be 
nice in and of itself, but I'd like to make certain it will interface 
with my existing gear too.

Wonder if there's anything happening with it at NAMM...?


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