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Re: Looperlative - Max Time?

Kim Flint wrote:
> And I agree with Rick, when people use loop time as some measure of 
> goodness for a looper, I'm baffled. What would you do with all this loop 
> time? If any of you are planning to do a show where you make 10 minute 
> long loops, please don't invite me!

You don't know what kinda fun it is to see a musician when she 
unexpectatly listens to what he played 10 minutes ago. This face alone 
is worth to consider long looping times.

In the end music/art is about designing surprise isn't it?

Whenever bounderies are broken down by several magnitudes its also 
breaking down the imagination what the hell could you do with this much 
looping time/possibilities...

I can assure you, as soon you got it, you'll know, and you'll use it...



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