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splitting your guitar signal - mixer routing or ...?

hi loopers!

just wondering what is your preferred method/routing
for splitting your guitar signal into 2 EDPs (or
looperlative or any other stereo sourcein the future
hehe). some have mentioned using a mixer, but what
sort of routing do you guys do? do you use a DI box in
front of the mixer? currently i'm using:

guitar into a radial passive DI box, XLR outs into a
mackie board. just figuring this out - do you put that
to your aux-sends and then into your EDP? or some
other way? what would be the best way to do it with
the strongest signal/least degradation?

or do you use some other sort of di box/splitter or
even a simple y patch cord?

thanks in advance if you happen to have any suggestions!

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