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The coolest piece of gear I can buy for $130 (used)

So, what's the coolest piece of signal processing gear I can buy for $130 
(used)?  Just brain-storming here.

In the last few days, based on some great interaction from folks on the 
list, I've sold my EDPs and controller, my Alesis Masterlink recorder, and 
Furman Power Conditioner...and I've used my funds to buy the Looperlative, 
an ADA Microtube 100 guitar poweramp, and the M-Audio Microtrack 2496 
Digital Recorder. Somehow, I ended up with a surplus. Not that I have to 
spend the $130, but it's either that or a tone of diapers. :)

I thought of buying another Lexicon LXP-1, since I love the reverb on that 
unit so much, and I could use it as a backup...speaking of which, I 
bought the UniQuest software to program my Lexicon LXP-5, and I am 
impressed! Wow, what a relief for programming that unit.  I was able to 
restore the factory presets to my user banks, tweak settings on the unit 
with the software, safe them, etc. Very cool. I'm looking forward to 
generating some new patches.  Does anyone have any LXP5 patches they would 
like to share?  Perhaps we can swap once I develop some of my own.


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