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Re: The coolest piece of gear I can buy for $130 (used)

I suggest waiting until you receive the Looperlative.  After a week with 
you'll probably have grokked the new avenues it takes you on, and better
know how to apply your $130.

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Subject: The coolest piece of gear I can buy for $130 (used)

> So, what's the coolest piece of signal processing gear I can buy for $130
> (used)?  Just brain-storming here.
> In the last few days, based on some great interaction from folks on the
> list, I've sold my EDPs and controller, my Alesis Masterlink recorder, 
> Furman Power Conditioner...and I've used my funds to buy the 
> an ADA Microtube 100 guitar poweramp, and the M-Audio Microtrack 2496
> Digital Recorder. Somehow, I ended up with a surplus. Not that I have to
> spend the $130, but it's either that or a tone of diapers. :)
> I thought of buying another Lexicon LXP-1, since I love the reverb on 
> unit so much, and I could use it as a backup...speaking of which, I
> bought the UniQuest software to program my Lexicon LXP-5, and I am
> impressed! Wow, what a relief for programming that unit.  I was able to
> restore the factory presets to my user banks, tweak settings on the unit
> with the software, safe them, etc. Very cool. I'm looking forward to
> generating some new patches.  Does anyone have any LXP5 patches they 
> like to share?  Perhaps we can swap once I develop some of my own.
> Kris
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