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Re: The coolest piece of gear I can buy for $130 (used)

At 10:33 PM -0700 2/1/06, Kris Hartung wrote:
>So, what's the coolest piece of signal processing gear I can buy for 
>$130 (used)?  Just brain-storming here.

I'll cast a vote for the Yamaha Magicstomp.  Almost all the 
functionality of the UD-, DG-, and AG-Stomp boxes along with some of 
the effects from the SPX's, and in a single box.

Plus you can still find the original Magicstomp floating around new 
for $99 (take your wife out to lunch with the leftover $30).  The 
*only* differences between the original and the newer Magicstomp II 
are: 1) you have to use the (included) computer editor for 
programming the original; 2) the MS II has a headphone out; and 3) 
the new Magicstomp II costs $100 more.  ;)

Check it out; mmmmm, smells good...


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