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RE: Vortex and acoustic guitar

Thanks Ted and Todd for the the tips.

Ariel Rzezak
Bedelía UCES
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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I have, and have recorded it that way a time or two. Todd is right about
needing a preamp of some sort however. I had a Lakewood M-32
guitar with a Seymour Duncan Sadducer in the bridge which sounded
wonderful when preamped and then "Vortexed" (on certain patches).
Be sure to make use of the stereo aspect of the Vortex too. It hardly
does it justice to run it in mono IMHO.

Best Regards,

Ted Killian
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On Feb 2, 2006, at 5:36 AM, Ariel Rzezak wrote:

> anyone tried a Lexicon Vortex with an electro acoustic guitar