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that's some piece of information. Hey! im about to do it! 
The electric cheapo' i have right now i am using it but as soon as i leave
work i am going to buy one.. REEAAAL cheap. Do you have any recommendation
on the body? I dont know.. les paul type? strato? sg? 

The tunning? E9? Do you know what string to buy? 

Lots of thanks!!

Ariel Rzezak
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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De: Kevin [mailto:kevin@TheNettles.com]
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Asunto: RE: Roland VG8 and PEDAL STEEL SOUND

--- Ariel Rzezak <arzezak@uces.edu.ar> wrote:
 > Anybody knows of other effects processors emulating
 > pedal steel sounds
 > besides the vg8?

A cheap instrument with a pedal steel sound could be a fretless 
guitar.  Take a cheap old electric guitar, pull the frets with 
pliers, fill in the grooves with epoxy or wood putting, sand it and 
restring with flatwound strings. Even cheaper would be to put a nut 
raiser on the guitar, raise the bridge and get yourself a steel bar 
like the lap steel players use.  Now you have your very own lap 
steel.  Be sure to tune it like a lap steel.  If you want the pedal 
steel bending sound, leave the whammy bar on  the guitar.


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