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Real lap steels are pretty cheap. Just FYI.

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On Feb 2, 2006, at 10:56 AM, Ariel Rzezak wrote:

> Kevin!
> that's some piece of information. Hey! im about to do it!
> The electric cheapo' i have right now i am using it but as soon as  
> i leave
> work i am going to buy one.. REEAAAL cheap. Do you have any  
> recommendation
> on the body? I dont know.. les paul type? strato? sg?
> The tunning? E9? Do you know what string to buy?
> Lots of thanks!!
> Ariel Rzezak
> Buenos Aires, Argentina
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> De: Kevin [mailto:kevin@TheNettles.com]
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> Asunto: RE: Roland VG8 and PEDAL STEEL SOUND
> --- Ariel Rzezak <arzezak@uces.edu.ar> wrote:
>> Anybody knows of other effects processors emulating
>> pedal steel sounds
>> besides the vg8?
> A cheap instrument with a pedal steel sound could be a fretless
> guitar.  Take a cheap old electric guitar, pull the frets with
> pliers, fill in the grooves with epoxy or wood putting, sand it and
> restring with flatwound strings. Even cheaper would be to put a nut
> raiser on the guitar, raise the bridge and get yourself a steel bar
> like the lap steel players use.  Now you have your very own lap
> steel.  Be sure to tune it like a lap steel.  If you want the pedal
> steel bending sound, leave the whammy bar on  the guitar.
> Cheers,
> Kevin
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