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Re: Indian syllabic rhythms

At 09:50 AM 2/3/2006, you wrote:
>     BTW, anyone into Sheila Chandra?

I was into Sheila Chandra a while ago.  A _while_ ago.  At the same 
time, I also listened a lot to Najma.  I have her on _vinyl_.  What 
Sheila is doing is what every Indian tabla player does first:  learn 
to say all the bols (syllables) and then learn how to put the bols 
together into tals (rhythmic cycle).  A good site if you're 
interested in tabla is:
Chandra (different Chandra) and David also have an excellent series 
of textbooks on Tabla which are available from the site.

Finally, if you're in the Eugene, Oregon, USA area I can point you to 
our tabla player, who holds a BA in Tabla and has been playing since 
he was six years old.  He may still be taking students.


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