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Re: Rodrigo y Gabriela (was: Lap Steel - Frisell & Leisz - Michael Manring)

You should take a look at Preston Reed. Same idea, steel stringed  
acoustic. He has a Homespun lesson tape, too.


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On Feb 9, 2006, at 9:57 AM, Per Boysen wrote:

> On 9 feb 2006, at 13.05, Ariel Rzezak wrote:
>> I've found a lap steel maker here in Buenos Aires :-) (he also  
>> believes he is the only one). I've been in his studio and became  
>> more familiar with it. I was blown away. I think i will buy one as  
>> soon as i can and sure will be looping the hell out of it.
> Wow, that's a cool instrument! It's nice to hear that you're up for  
> learning a new instrument. I've recently been tempted to buy a  
> Stick, myself, but they are hard to find here in Sweden. Right now  
> I'm sitting here watching videos of Mexican duo guitarists Rodrigo  
> y Gabriela and I'm thinking about what cool stuff that woman could  
> do with looping. She has learned an incredible playing technique  
> for "percussive" backing guitar. What you hear when she starts  
> beating the nylon stringed is a complete drum kit, bass and funky  
> chords - all played at the same time on a Spanish type guitar.  
> There latest album has an audio CD and a DVD-video with tutorials  
> where she shows off those tricks in slomo. Very tempting to start  
> learning it. I guess it can be done on a steel stringed (C&W type)  
> acoustic as well?
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