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Re: Rodrigo y Gabriela

At 07:57 AM 2/9/2006, Pers wrote:

>...She has learned an incredible playing technique for
>"percussive" backing guitar. What you hear when she starts beating
>the nylon stringed is a complete drum kit, bass and funky chords -
>all played at the same time on a Spanish type guitar. There latest
>album has an audio CD and a DVD-video with tutorials where she shows
>off those tricks in slomo. Very tempting to start learning it. I
>guess it can be done on a steel stringed (C&W type) acoustic as well?

There are a number of ways to play drums on acoustic guitar.  I use a 
modified kanjira technique on the top and sides of the guitar which 
is picked up by the transducer mounted inside the guitar under and 
behind the bridge.  I prefer the K&K True Western.  Great bass 
response, overall good response and very high output: it doesn't need 
a preamp.  I use the K&K as my regular acoustic guitar pickup as well.


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