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Re: should we name it echoing ?

Well stated, Steve! It's so easy (but understandable) to get lost in the minutia and lose the music.

As one of my first great teachers used to repeatedly say, "FOCUS!"

BTW, I got an RC 50 as a first step. I already see the Looperlative's value! But the RC50 is helping me think about what I want to ACTUALLY DO with looping...

Big fun. Now it's just a matter of finding TIME to do it in addition to my regular practice. Yikes!!! If only I was 20 again with infinite time on my hands.

We performed with a young woman named Feist who uses looping a bit in her show. The audience loved it. Relatively cheap (but well done) tricks etc, but she's obviously spent some time with it. For me it was a great showing of how much people dug the technology.


richard sales
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On 26-Jul-06, at 5:28 AM, Steve Lawson wrote:

I see slowly two diferent types of looping here and it
occurs to me that none of the loopers video demos show
the use of the feedback feature...
should we name looping with feedback perhaps echoing?
Echoing seems like a pretty pointless term to me, but I care less about what you call it than whether it's worth listening to or not. I'll definitely be spending my energy trying to play and write great music, rather than worrying about whether the label for what I do changes when I push the feedback pedal. 


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