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Re: should we name it echoing ?

i agree but looping with feedback or without it and
the importance of the feature in new loopers is
creeping here often lately,also steady running loops
are sometimes being described as,boring,no art,etc.
i see(so i wont call it echoing)soundscaping or
whatever u wanna call it a la fripp or sequence
looping like the caffeine amped RC-50 guy perhaps as
different styles,but allright looping is looping...
so id like to see fripp or Matthias doing more
sequence style looping!

--- Steve Lawson <steve@steve-lawson.co.uk> wrote:

> > I see slowly two diferent types of looping here
> and it
> > occurs to me that none of the loopers video demos
> show
> > the use of the feedback feature...
> > should we name looping with feedback perhaps
> echoing?
> > Luis
> Echoing seems like a pretty pointless term to me,
> but I care less  
> about what you call it than whether it's worth
> listening to or not.  
> I'll definitely be spending my energy trying to play
> and write great  
> music, rather than worrying about whether the label
> for what I do  
> changes when I push the feedback pedal.
> cheers
> Steve
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