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Re: Keller Williams / jam bands/ rc50

Well... I found Keller interesting because he draws a decent crowd. What's about this jam band thing? Is HE a jam band? Do any of you besides David (Gans) pursue this avenue? Seems like fertile ground for loopers.

I've finally gotten pretty deep into the RC50 and am already deeply lusting for a Looperlative. The inability to switch between multi mode (loops playing simultaneously - like layering) and single (loops playing linear - one after the other) within one set of loops is kind of frustrating. I'd like one loop to be the guide track that plays under all the other loops... but not have all the other loops layer on top of each other. (I wonder if you can do that with the Looperlative?)
OR, in the RC 50, if you could replace the dorky preset guide tracks would be sweet. Haven't found that in any documentation. Seems possible, though.

The limitation of three loops is a bomb - especially for a non layering looper! And the well known RC50 glitch is a pain in the butt sometimes. But it sounds good enough. And I am definitely now fully addicted to looping!

Haven't tried looping in the (nonMIDI) band setting yet because I think we might need in ear monitors to hear the click track and stay in sync. Might experiment with it when all the members are together again, though.

Hayley's record will be out in March and that's going very very well. We're remixing, recorded new songs and new drums on some of the old songs. Crazy because the original was - I think - perfect, but the record company wanted the new songs and Hayley wanted a different drum sound on some of the songs - less pop, more 'live' feeling.

Every day is a new measure!

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On 26-Nov-06, at 1:29 PM, David Gans wrote:

At 12:44 PM -0800 11/26/06, Travis Hartnett wrote:

Folks who aren't used to the concept of looping are taken the newness of Keller's thing (to their ears) but once you get past the fact that he's using some box to record his playing, then you just focus on his actual music, which I personally found to be standard singer-songwriter fare, based on the one live CD of his that I bought, which is where I expected to find the big display of looping that I'd heard about for several years. He's unlikely to be raved about on a guitar or bass discussion list either, which isn't a problem...unless the focus of the list itself is guitar or bass playing, in which case that aspect receives primary consideration in most cases.

Yeah, I understand that. He's not pushing the many limits, for sure.


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