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Re: AW: Group of people looping. Is there such thing ?

On 3 jun 2007, at 14.12, jenswolters@gebaeude7.de wrote:

> Mobius runs as a VST plugin inside Bidule and I am using the  
> "audiofile/looper" bidule for testing. Inside the looper I choose  
> mobius as a sync source.
> When I start recording in mobius I think the looper thing should  
> start. But it doesn't. Anything that I have to do inside mobius ?

I think the convenient auto sync function in Bidule is taking  
advantage of something in the VST protocol. Works fine with all  
syncable VST plug-ins I use.  I have no experience with the bidule  
object "audiofile/looper", since I don't need playback of prerecorded  
audio in my setup.

> You wrote something about setting mobius as a master. I cannot find  
> where to do that.

Check out this screen-shot: http://www.looproom.com/ 
bidule7patch_pboy.JPG. To the left of each plug-in representing  
graphic "box" there is a little green "S" if the VST plug-in has  
syncing capabilities. As you see I have set Mobius to "m" while the  
other's to "s". I have noticed that before

I have opened another syncable VST plug-in in my Bidule set-up, the  
Bidule Mobous box does not display the sync tag. But as soon as I add  
another one, the sync tags are displayed - probably this answers why  
you can't find out where to set the Master role for Mobius; it has  
still no other plug-in to send sync to.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)