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Epiphone Les Paul with bare knuckle cold sweat bridge and Wolftone custom wound neck p/up or Mexistrat with bare knuckle apache pick ups or hand built electric 5 string violin, or Tanglewood electro acoustic guitar-Big dots tuner-Dynacomp-crybaby-Metal muff nano-Boss Ds1-Bk Butler tube driver-Russian Big Muff- EH small stone reissue-vintage EH electric mistress-belcat analog delay-behringer digital delay- vintage black label Japan Boss cs2-Behringer EQ-Boss rc2 looper-ISP decimator noise killer- Customised Harley Bentone valve amp(similar to epi valve junior)-spirit fx16 mixer-novation ReMote 25 synth/ interface-Cubase.
Plus Korg m1, Korg pa 60, emu proteus vintage keys, emu proteus 2000, zoom fx unit, ticket power supply,Tannoy reveal monitors, Samson power amp.

J and C

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