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Link to my studio set-up. I know rather untidy. The heart of the set-up two Gibson EDP's linked for stereo operation. Until yesterday running out sequence (out of time) Thanks to the excellent knowledge base on Loopers Delight now working perfectly in time. The EDP's are connected to the Mackie LM-32 line mixer on the stereo AUX channel. Fender Acoustic Guitar through Yamaha acoustic stomp pedal (excellent) - Line DL4 - Line DM4 - Lexicon Vortex - Mackie LM-32 - BBE-362 Sonic Maximizer (very best buy ever) - Yamaha Power Amp - HZ Speaker Set-up. Also use a Fender Strat currently being fitted with Ghost Hex PIck-up system for Midi control through the AXON-100 - Various

This is the live set-up my luck (at my age) I'm only gigging two times a month as the studio is in the attic!!!!!