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(Sorry for long post. I left out the details to keep it down)

I have no fancy studio pix, since I'm trying to keep a small portable  
set-up. The recording gear is normally set up in the room were I live  
and work. It's based around an Apple G5 computer with an RME  
Multiface audio interface. I have four Genelec 8030A and a sub  
woofer. Only using all speakers when doing surround mixes. I  
sometimes pack two of the Genlecs in a trunk to use in the field for  
recording, performing, teaching or working as a producer coach.

I recently sold some of my hardware, now getting more into combining  
both studio production and playing out as a live looping artist in  
portable laptop set-ups (five years ago I was using EDP, Repeater +  
mixer etc etc in a gigantic rack but thank god we're moving on...).  
Anyway, although I'm always experimenting with different set-ups I  
mainly use three laptop systems for live-looping.

One is a Windows XP PC running Mobius VST under Bidule. This machine  
uses a RME FireFace400. Three physical inputs are used, each one  
trimmed to match the signal level for the instruments I play: Tenor  
sax, Alto Traverse Flute, Akai EWI 4000s, Stratocaster with floating  
whammy bar and Fretless Telecaster with Sustainiac Model C mechanic/ 
acoustic feedback system. The Bidule setup has 16 alternative effect  
chains that I play through PRE looper. This is my primary acoustic  
input looping setup. A schematic can be studied here:
When playing live concerts I bring out one stereo output through a  
NiceNoice compressor box and into the PA. For studio recording I pipe  
four ADAT stereo channels into Logic Pro, carrying my live instrument  
input and the separated Mobius tracks (I rarely use more than three  
tracks when looping in Mobius, so it's quite sufficient).

Another acoustic input looping system I use is based on the AU plug- 
in Augustus Loop and runs on a Apple Powerbook with either the RME  
FF400 or a Echo AudioFire2 interface. It has two loopers and can do  
most trick I also manage with the EDP and Mobius. But since Augustus  
Looper is a tape delay simulator by heart it doesn't have the same  
tightness as the other two loopes. But that's not all bad if you ask  
me :-) I do more wobbly music with this looping setup and it also  
sounds differently because I only use Live's built-in effects for  
sound shaping. This rig can be studied on two screenshots:
If you read the headlines on the Master Track to the right you get a  
fair picture of the functions I have implemented so far. The clips in  
the chart are MIDI files or MIDI loops that control the loopers and I  
trig each horizontal row ("scene") from pedals while playing.

My third setup is for MIDI input (i.e. playing the EWI only) and runs  
on two laptops. The Mobius PC as looper and a MIDI Clock synced  
Powerbook with Logic Pro as the softsynth/sampler and effect rig. 100  
different patches to call up from the EWI by MIDI Program Change,  
each patch utilizing one software instrument and loads of effects. A  
reverb and filtered delay system globally applied as Aux effect  
sends. My live audio from the Mac is piped digitally by SPDIF into  
the looper PC. In Logic I have set up all kind of dynamic "MIDI plug- 
ins" that I can play trhough (or not):  chord harmonizer for any key,  
arpeggiators etc. Also using different global micro tonal tunings for  
the software instruments. Screenshot of the Logic screen here:

Some live recorded sounding examples of the different looping setups:
---> Real-time, live:
Two laptop MIDI EWI looping: http://www.looproom.com/audio/mistwood.mp3
Mobius PC Bidule fretless guitar looping: http://www.looproom.com/ 
---> Studio, ADAT multi channel pipe:
Mobius PC Bidule analog EWI looping: http://www.looproom.com/audio/ 

Oh, I almost forgot that I have a fourth looping setup on the Mac  
based on Augustus Loop in AU host Numerology. This is drawing on the  
same technique as the Ableton setup - triggering sequences of MIDI  
control data for the loopers - but since Numerology is such a open  
system of inter modulating step sequence modular system the music  
that comes out of this looping tends to be somewhat more bizarre.  
Audio except:
Not using this setup at the moment while waiting for Numerology 2.0  
to be released. With ReWire support it will then be a funny looping  
system to run in sync with other applications.

Eh... just an old clip from playing Echoplex, Stratocater and drumloop:
This crazy Substitute technique is something I still have not found a  
working software platform for doing. Mobius is closest by now. Maybe  
it would work on Mobius, but I just have not felt motivated to dig  
that deep into old directions...

I also think MetaSynth is a good tool for creating funny post prod  
stuff, but I have not used it for a while because I'm getting drawn  
more into real-time processing as part of the improvisational playing.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)