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How many of us have just one setup?

At one point in my history, the live rig consisted of packing up the 
studio and carting it to the performance site.  That was painful as it 
usually cost a few days on either end to dismantle and then restore the 

So we tried to separate the live rig from the studio rig.  Yeah, that 
did lead to some duplication, but my yard sale mentality helped there: 
don't pay more than you did for the first instance, but if another shows 
up cheaper, grab it.  I paid $450 for my first Arp Odyessy and $175 for 
my fourth.  (Anyone want to sell me my fifth? (-8)

But now I find myself in three different bands, each of which calls for 
a different setup.  In fact, one band called for three different setups 
for our last three gigs as we played a basement punk rock gig, an art 
gallery opening, and a silent film soundtrack.

So, I guess my question is: how many of us have the luxury of only one 

John McIntyre