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Re: A/B listening tests

i hope i haven't stepped on anybody else's toes, too...
mark (and above all: samba) please accept my apologies if i have 
it this time.
i am really glad to be in this list and i appreciate the work and the 
seriousness of the participating members.
the night i wrote my message i had had some really good wine and just 
away for fun.
hence the starting line ending with "please forgive me".

yes, i was mocking, but i didn't mean my words to sting, didn't mean to 
or vibe anybody.
i'll be a little more careful from now on.

peace - tilmann

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Sent: Sunday, July 08, 2007 6:12 PM
Subject: Re: A/B listening tests

> If I had received this letter via the post on parchment written in  
> ink, I might take it seriously, but as it is (all digital and  shit) all 
> get from reading it is "Mark, you SUCK."
> I love you,
> Mark
> On Jul 6, 2007, at 1:31 PM, Tilmann Dehnhard wrote:
>> i am in joke-mode, so please forgive me:
>> have you heard, that japanese engineers said "love" to a drop of  water 
>> under a microscope and the molecule structure looked nice and  when 
>> said "hitler" to the drop, it looked really ugly?
>> for further in depth study: http://www.ghchealth.com/water- purification
>> what happens to your brainwaves if you listen to techno on an LP?
>> the music was made entirely digital, but the LP is analogue, right?
>> how will your brainwaves cope with that conflict?
>> aren't most of our loopers digital?
>> i once overheard a guy saying that his music sounded better if  
>> in hannover (his hometown) then in berlin. because  berlin's 
>> is generated in old fashioned coal-burning  plants and hannover's juice 
>> is nuclear, therefore "cleaner"!
>> (my wild guess is: in berlin he calls for a pizza, but the food in 
>> hannover is probably mum's? food has a large effect on mixing...)
>> smooth looping - tilmann
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>> Subject: A/B listening tests
>>> There used to be a lot of musicians saying digital didn't sound as  
>>> as analog ,and a engineers saying no one could tell the  difference in 
>>> A/B tests.I read a bit in Mix ,or Recording Engineer  mag in the early 
>>> 90s about some Japanese engineers  measuring  brain wave responses to 
>>> both analog and digital.Turned out after  about 20 minutes of analog 
>>> brain halves went into a mode of  Entrainmentwhich the digital never 
>>> aroused. I suspect higher  sampling rates would make a difference ,but 
>>> haven't seen any  further research on the matter.
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