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HsAcNoStEtN late posts, thanks, signing off..

just wanted to say a real quick thanks to all for the posts & info i've gotten from this list....had a change in status, and finding that i've gone from checking email
once a week to hardly never....so i'm signing off...
have been listening to dt's PREZENS loads lately and have been enjoying it.
also been listening to the fripp/eno release from 2 yrs ago (can't remember the name to
save my life).
one little odd listening is i found a compilation cd of lee renaldo's called "east jesus", it
has odds and ends from his 80's releases, in the liner notes it says he uses tape loops on a number of things, interesting to hear the repeating bits going...its mostly guitar noise, atonal, but interesting ...
i just finished building my new guitar and i'm trying to get used to it (still needs work), so thats taken up a lot of my time lately.
my future plans is to try to update some songs to my myspace site-want to do some of my acoustic singer-songwriter things -they are short songs, and have some acoustic looping bridge 2 songs together...not sure when i'll get to that....but its on my mind....
my setup (A LATE POST)-gtr--rocktron silver dragon--zoom g2--digitech rp150--boss dd20--to either digital recorder or my marshall 10w amp....mostly use the dd20 for short looping or the rp150 if i want to do mangly time stretching w/ lots of digital sound...not great but works, about the only thing i miss is my reverse options from my old dod d12, but i'm surviving...
happy looping,

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