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Re: nonaligned radio

samba - wrote:
> Unfortunately NPR is a corporate shill now too.Some independent 
> stations I like at least at times are. KFJC Los Altos CA. At times 
> they play very strange music,as does KZSU at Stanford. And the  
> inimitable WFMU,<http://www.wfmu.org/>
This is a common misunderstanding.  NPR doesn't own any stations.  They 
sell their product to "affiliate" stations.  AFAIK it's mostly (all?) 
news and talk, etc., not music programs.  Please correct me if I'm 
wrong.  It is up to the individual stations to decide how corporate vs. 
how off the wall/adventurous they wish to be with their music 
programming.  If the stations where I volunteer are any indication, most 
of the music programming you hear on non-commercial FM stations are 
locally produced; syndicated shows like Echoes and HoS not withstanding.