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Re: Record Industry Decline

Matt Davignon wrote:
> Wasn't there once a time when radio playlists were more regional? 
Once upon a time, that was true.  That was how local bands became 
regional bands became national bands.  As more and more radio stations 
picked up on an act, the bigger the act got.  (That the slow path as 
opposed to being "discovered.")  Now Clear Channel is the McDonald's of 
radio.  Each hamburger tastes exactly alike no matter where it's served.

These days, a radio station won't play anything except:
1. bands that the corporate office tells them to play.
2. bands that can tell them what other stations are playing their 
music.  Of course that's none because getting that first station to play 
your music without being able to say...  Well, you know it's Catch 22.