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Re: Record Industry Decline

From: "Bill Fox" <billyfox@soundscapes.us>
> Matt Davignon wrote:
>> Wasn't there once a time when radio playlists were more regional?
> Once upon a time, that was true.  That was how local bands became 
> bands became national bands.  As more and more radio stations picked up 
> an act, the bigger the act got.  (That the slow path as opposed to being 
> "discovered.")  Now Clear Channel is the McDonald's of radio.  Each 
> hamburger tastes exactly alike no matter where it's served.
> These days, a radio station won't play anything except:
> 1. bands that the corporate office tells them to play.
> 2. bands that can tell them what other stations are playing their music. 
> Of course that's none because getting that first station to play your 
> music without being able to say...  Well, you know it's Catch 22.

Sounds a bit like the selectively-locked doors that the games business 
sometimes seem to have on their open positions.  An exec with an unnamed 
company once told me, "The best way to get a job in the games business is 
have a job elsewhere in the games business."

Hopefully this path to disaster via stagnation won't be followed too 
Stephen Goodman
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