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Re: Composers should also get paid

Jon Southwood wrote:
> It's primarily a matter of "atmosphere." Why choose one bar over 
> another, assuming they have the same beers available? Prices? Sure, 
> but in a competitive market, those are going to be relatively close. A 
> larger deciding factor for many is going to be the atmosphere. The 
> music piped over the myoozak system or performed live is going to help 
> people decided which bar to go to. That music can also have an effect 
> on how much time a person or group of people stay in the 
> establishment. The longer they stay, the more they're likely to spend.
You're spot on.  After my Classic Rock covers band played a certain 
establishment for the first time, the staff told us that all the other 
acts lost the corwd after their first set.  We kept a small crowd until 
our last note died away.  We've already been asked back for a third gig.
> Ultimately, if the aural atmosphere had no impact on a restaurant or a 
> bar, they wouldn't bother to pay bands to play or even bother to wire 
> the place for sound. Who needs the expense and hassle? A bar owner's 
> magnanimity toward local musicians will usually only last as long as 
> their business benefits from the relationship. There are few who feel 
> an altruistic drive to support local music(ians), business survival be 
> damned. 
That's right.  If we don't sell beer, we're no good to them.  And I bet 
you thought of yourselves as musicians!  Nope, you're beer salesmen!