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Re: Composers should also get paid

John McIntyre wrote:
> I do not know for sure, but I suspect that that was not legal.  My 
> guess is that when Brubeck signed with a publishing company, he signed 
> away his control, and the publishing company would need to be the one 
> to waive the royalty.  Or perhaps it would have to be the performance 
> right company (e.g., BMI or ASCAP).  Does someone with more knowledge 
> than I know for sure?
Not illegal but breaking a contract between Brubeck and his PRO?  But 
who is going to argue with Dave Brubeck?  If they did, Dave would have 
had to tell Eugene to stop.  That never happened so either the PRO never 
got wind of it or nobody argued with Brubeck about it.  Either way, it 
allowed Eugene to maximize his fun factor at the gig and placate the 
owner and, possibly, and PRO representative who dealt with the owner.

But you're right.  When you agree to be representaed by a PRO, certain 
rights are transferred to them for the duration of the contract.