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Re: OT- Resonating (was:Re: Civitas Urbanus (new album release))

I wish I could remember the author, but several years
ago I read a very interesting book on linguistics that
cited a study in which parallels were drawn between
the spread of Indo-European languages and the
repective musical styles which evolved as the cultures
diverged. In the study, listeners from populations
descended from speakers of proto Indo-European
languages were played incomplete musical phrases from
supposedly alien cultures and asked to complete the
cadences. The specific example that sticks in my head
was that people from Ireland could almost invariably
complete North Indian phrasing and vice-versa.


--- Mark Sottilaro <sine@zerocrossing.net> wrote:

> This is way OT, but what's up with that?  Sure,
> music made by  
> Europeans may speak to some part of my Euro-mutt
> brain, (and music  
> like Per's sure does) but what does it mean when
> this Euro-mutt hears  
> Indian classical music for the first time and falls
> instantly in  
> love?


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