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Re: OT: gypsy caravan film

In a message dated 7/25/07 10:34:19 AM, mech@m3ch.net writes:

Korean, Finnish, Estonian, and Hungarian all are considered to belong to the
same linguistic family.

this is truly interesting.....as a child my family, father, mother, grandmother etc. spoke slovinian, my father even though he was born in the u.s. did not speak english untill he went to school.....needless to say they were big on slovinian culture and so as a child, one of my first musical experiences was to sing in a slovinian choir called PERSHARIN (sp?).....with the passing of my grandmother i seldom if ever heard slovinian spoken anymore untill a few years ago with the internet i was able to listen to a slovinian radio station.....i was totally knocked out by the sound and cadance of the language a touch of german and italian and what surprised me the most was there was more than a hint of the sing song flow of an eastern (the korean perhaps) infulence to the language.....so this was not just my imagination i now find out.....i better get back to my korean roots.....:).....good stuff!.....thnaks.....michael


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