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Re: Low Lantecy Soundcard for Laptop Gig

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> Echo Indigo IO is a good option, if you're comfortable with only 2-ins
> 2-outs and if you have a CardBus slot on your laptop. You also get a 
> latency than is possible with Firewire bus (I run at 64 sample latency, 
> is possible). The downside with the Indigo IO is the poor 1/8" jacks that
> tend to become finnicky after some wear. I've already had 2 replacements
> shipped out from Echo.

The only thing  I don't like about the Indigo IO is that its input is only 
line level.
There is no mic vs. line level setting, so if you have a fairly low output 
going into it, then you have to boost the level in your software and thus 
more noise. But the IO is indeed a robust little card. I have taken it a 
further recently. I yanked the Indigo from my cardbus and tried the built 
sound card of my ThinkPad...which interfaces directly with the Intel 
High Definition audio (built into the mother board not a separate sound 
I installed the ASIO for All driver, and it works like a charm...less 
latency than the
Indigo, can't tell any difference in quality, and I have a mic level 
setting. But eventually
those little mini plugs will take a beating.

> So I have shyed away from Macbook with its
> lack of CardBus support. Firewire just doesn't seem to be built for
> ultra-low latency performance (that's my opinion).

Really? Is this because of the speed of firewire? I thought the newer
firewire was a lot faster than cardbus.

> Another CardBus option that looks good is the Digigram VX Pocket series
> (V2 or V440, at around $400-500).

I'll have to check these out. Thanks. I like the fact that it comes with 
that plug into the card, so no wear and tear on the card itself.