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Re: Low Lantecy Soundcard for Laptop Gig

Hi Kris,

> The only thing  I don't like about the Indigo IO is that its input is 
> line level.
> There is no mic vs. line level setting, so if you have a fairly low 
> device
> going into it, then you have to boost the level in your software and thus
> create
> more noise. But the IO is indeed a robust little card. I have taken it a
> step
> further recently. I yanked the Indigo from my cardbus and tried the built
> in
> sound card of my ThinkPad...which interfaces directly with the Intel
> integrated
> High Definition audio (built into the mother board not a separate sound
> card).
> I installed the ASIO for All driver, and it works like a charm...less
> latency than the
> Indigo, can't tell any difference in quality, and I have a mic level
> setting. But eventually
> those little mini plugs will take a beating.

It's true about the line level. I have a dual channel mic pre that is
pretty quiet that I use. But I'm surprised that you find the internal
sound of your ThinkPad to be on par with the Indigo-- my feeling is that
the A/D and amps in the Indigo are far cleaner than anything you can find
in a stock laptop. .. maybe your ThinkPad is an unusual creature?

> Really? Is this because of the speed of firewire? I thought the newer
> firewire was a lot faster than cardbus.

Faster in terms of bandwidth, yes. More data can fly down that new
firewire pipe. But as I recall, firewire sends things in packets, and
there are interrupts and delivery mechanisms within the hardware and
software that add a translation layer so that the data has to jump through
more hoops before it reaches the audio application. So, more bandwidth but
lower latency. CardBus is a more direct connection with the processor.

> I'll have to check these out. Thanks. I like the fact that it comes with
> xlr
> connectors
> that plug into the card, so no wear and tear on the card itself.

Yeah, I like that too.

All the best,