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Re: Low Lantecy Soundcard for Laptop Gig

Hi Per,

> I too have an old Indigo IO, almost worn out today, the jacks have
> become glitchy... I agree that it's nice and convenient to bring for

PS You can send that Indigo back to Echo for a replacement. They've sent
me a replacement twice now, both free (although the second time they
charged me for the shipping).

> But you, Mercury, is a keyboard and piano player. Myself I can take
> some latency because the instrument I have played the most is
> electric guitar and then you always have latency depending on the
> distance to your amp and speaker. As long as a delayed signal is not
> merged with a not delayed signal, creating phasing errors, I can
> accept a little latency. And with laptops you don't have a problem at
> concerts with the audience hearing a different latency than you hear.
> That problem is what you get on stage if playing electric guitar at a
> distance from your amp/speaker if the speaker is amplified through a
> PA system by closely positioned microphones. This might also create
> problems for live experienced guitarists when recording in a studio
> with headphones monitoring.

Wow, I hear that! ! !

I've never run into those problems. Then again, I've never worked with
large PAs or big stages! I like to close my eyes, caress my keys and have
that feeling that the sound is right there, intimate, in front of me.

Interesting to hear the range of places people make music in.

I just came back from a wilderness trip to a volcanic glacial area. I was
singing with the glacier. Talk about an audience Most Sublime!


Hope You're Well,