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RE: choosing the right laptop for live looping , real time DSP processing and running Video

>> > if you get a macbook-pro, get some speck polycarbonate shells for
> or the outside will start to look tatty really quick.

Don't you mean Macbook?  My old company had the aluminum macs and they
seemed to hold up fine.  I imagine the plastic shelled units get crappy
pretty quick though.<<

no, macbook-pro. I have one here- the case is a lot more
"one-piece-extruded" than the old powerbooks, & seems to be a bit less
durable. mine has picked up a few dings & scrapes from airport scans &
just general wear&tear, not to mention being accidentally forced to
share it's bit of laptop bag with carelessly-stashed power supplies &
the like.
so I bought a set of these:


& now it is bling. :-)

(I got the red ones for that fetish look. well, us mac users are
supposed to be fetishistic, right?)