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Re: Choosing an Audio Interface for Looping - No General Recommendations?

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From: "Jeff Larson">
carefully selected software.  Provided you're not trying to do
something insane like run Max, Reaktor, all the PSPs, a looper, and a
convolution reverb at the same time :-)

Ah yes...hah hah. :)  Well, at least I have no PSPs anymore, and I'm down 
Reaktor and Boogex amp simulator as the only VSTs in my max/msp system. 
hard core maxers keep asking me when I'm going to eliminate Reaktor, and 
response is "soon, very soon my fine feathered friends."   Battling an 
addiction with VSTs no easy task. I've considered seeing a therapist about 
it. These days, I'm even working on not using reverb, chorus, and delay 
trademark effects heard on all my CDs)...trying a more raw, in your face 
electronic approach.