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RE: Choosing an Audio Interface for Looping - No General Recommendations?

> It's as if no general statement about any audio device holds true as a
> general recommendation, and price seems to have nothing to do with it.

Right.  The reason audio interface companies don't publish statistics on
latency is because latency is primarily determined by your computer,
operating system, and the software you run, not the audio interface
hardware.  It is meaningless to claim "M-Audio interface X has 10ms
latency" while "Echo interface Y has only 5ms of latency".

Latency is something you have to tune for each system.  5ms seems to
be about average these days for a relatively modern machine with
carefully selected software.  Provided you're not trying to do
something insane like run Max, Reaktor, all the PSPs, a looper, and a
convolution reverb at the same time :-)